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Energy and granuled fertilizer

ENEFERM BIO 100 is a biogas plant which is a continuous dry digestion process. Electric power output is 100 kWhe. The handling of digestate of the biogas plant enables to use it as a natural granulated fertilizer. Of all presented commodities, fertilizer has the greatest economical value for the end customer (50% of the income).

Any organic wastes or field biomasses is the raw material for the plant.

The process is thermophilic (55°C), and the feed of the process is treated and sanitized before the fermentation phase.

The remarkable benefits of the solution of Eneferm Oy are: low need of process energy, short hydraulic retention time in the reactor, and very accurate control of process temperatures.

As a whole concept, the selected technology allows to build a plant which is modular, series-produced, and build in ship containers. With this whole concept, need of construction work and permit(s) from the local authorities are minimized, therefore the risk management of the project is under-control.